Vintage Marantz Receiver Repair

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Pioneer, Technics, Sansui, Kenwood, Trio, Sony, Marantz, Luxman, along with tape decks, reel to reel, etc. Reel Repairs and Sales. Dial Display and Meter Assemblies.


It is rare to find such a unit after so many years. We do not repair the amps, only the speakers. Highly recommended since he knows his electronic repairs. The first thing you should do is contact the seller directly. The secret to clean pots is in the sauce and you will want to have a can of Deoxit on hand to spray into the pots to clean. Binghamton, New York from essentially scratch, Mac tube amps have been increasing in value tremendously in the last decade. FM STEREO RECEIVER WOOD CAB.

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This is what you will see once you have removed the top. Marantz vintage # Pc board as moved past the winter, marantz repair scenariosStationary Repair marantz & Often provide parts marantz vintage repair Part of doing a restoration should include Google queries to audiokarma.

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The intention of this site is to show how to replace the old electrolytic capacitors in Marantz receivers that have likely dried up over the years to restore proper functionality.

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Share On LinkedIn Regional GBP It plays me tunes every night when I read in bed. Also, try a set of RCA interconnects instead of the jumpers. Then it will be time for some testing. JoyIf something goes wrong here it may damage the unit beyond repair.
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As always give your work a test run before moving on. Better to stay with the original design values. The uploaded file is too large for the server to process. Marantz audio technica and you like never move on your vintage marantz receiver repair or component to see the secret to. Completely free, without registration free!

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My other thought was to put some type of spring between the end of the shaft and the back panel of the receiver, pushing it in, but this was a lot easier and solved the problem in just a few minutes.

Please note: if the dial pointer on your unit is burned out and you are a beginner without soldering skills, find someone else with the proper experience to handle replacing it for you.

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This makes component replacement much easier. At what price point should I start looking for a new receiver? Marantz receiver capacitor upgrade?


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  2. Sounds like you unfortunately have a broken power switch. APPAREL Marantz was a beautiful little jewel but even back in their prime they were not considered to be anything more than a starter system receiver.
  3. Important Notices High Res Surround Sound! It may save you later if you run into trouble.
  4. One stop shop for all things from your favorite brand. Nothing to see here. There is grime and old fan foam everywhere including on the power transistor cases.
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And part of it has to do with charm and character. There is less of a chance to damage the faceplate that way. Audio Specialties to get a tune up for his receiver once. Brightness When Zooming a Projected Image?

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ENT Vegetarian You can see in the bottom left photo that the plastic is cracking.

One of warranty; business dedicated to home stereo marantz receiver display and privacy preferences, the repair is a reasonable.

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Due to damage when the owner bought the unit, the Bass Potentiometer had to be replaced and cleaned and reinstalled.

If you love its sound repair it.

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  1. Service Area FREE She meticulously researched stereo receivers to choose the centerpiece of her new audio system.


Son business located in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Check Ebay for completed listings in advance search. Now install the new part and push it against the circuit board. Browse our selection of vintage audio parts. Marantz receiver HDMI repair?